Social login is the form of single sign on by using existing information from the social networking service which includes twitter, facebook or Google+ in order to sign into the third party website. According to the studies says that 73 percentages of the people are willing to log in with the social media accounts. Now a day, most of the people tend to prefer social login options because you might not fill out registration form or memorize password. Most of the research says that social media login mechanism is used certain kinds of the open source protocols such as OpenID, OAuth or combination of two. There are a lot of benefits of social login, which make it very user friendly and easy to use

Social registration

OpenID is mostly used for the authentication and OAuth is utilized for authorization. In general, OpenID is perfect one for creating and logging in accounts on the external website so you no need to memorize another password. It allows you to bypass conventional registration and validate identity with the login credentials from another website.

OAuth is used for granting third party apps and website permission in order to access information on another website. Social profiles bridged to the common profile that is useful to aggregate and get important user data that is fragmented across the social platforms. You can also gain customer insight as per digital transformation so that you can get personalized experience.

  • Accelerate login and registration via general customer profiles bysocial registration form aggregating and linking data across multiple social profiles for single view of client.
  • Onboard user in the secure and safe manner through one click registration across wide range of the platforms by using open standard based IdPs which includes OAuth 2.0 and OpenID connect.
  • Enhanced customer engagement with the improved login options and social registration across famous identity providers such as Wechat, VKontakte, Salesforce, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Most of the famous social networks are used combinations of the OpenID and OAuth. Most of the famous login providers allow you to revoke and review apps that are connected to your accounts.

Enabling social sign on and login within your service and application is not new to most of the developers. It can integrate with the famous social IdPs like VKontakte, Instagram and Google in minutes by using wizard based configuration tool.

Which social network to use for log in?

Adding social login to application is offering numerous numbers of the benefits which includes maximize registration, email is verified, you can make new account on websites, up to date profiles, access richer user profiles and one click return experience. Basically social login is the simple process.

Secure social network

You must enter your desire application and choose your preferred network provider. After that login request could be send to social network provider. If social network provider is confirmed your user identity then current user might acquire access to the application. New user could be registered as new user so that you will be logged into application. Basically Auth0 supports more than 30+ social providers such as Github, PayPal, Yandex, Salesforce, Baidu, Weibo and WordPress.